This Heel Pain Is Making Me Fat!

It’s spring! You can finally feel it in the air. At last you can start to shed the sweaters. And under the layers, there it is….. the extra Christmas cookies, the valentine chocolates, the green beer from St. Patty’s day. There it all is just sitting right above the place where your waist used to be.

Don’t Let Foot Pain Ruin Your Fitness Resolution

Now is the time of year we set goals to lose weight and get back in shape. Whether you have set a goal to lose five pounds or run your first marathon in 2011, take care of your feet by following these guidelines:

Get new running shoes. Even if you never plan on running,

Holiday Gifts For Any Man With Feet

Looking for the perfect gift for the man on your list? Here are a few suggestions that will fill his feet with holiday cheer, any time of the year. I personally went on a hunt for items that were nice looking and good for your feet, from the podiatrist’s perspective. Most of these items were available locally at REI in Schaumburg,