Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Do you suffer from sharp, stabbing pains in your heel when you step out of bed in the morning? What you are experiencing is likely plantar fasciitis. It is an inflammation of the band of fibers that run from your heel to toes. While you are sleeping the band begins to repair itself in a relaxed position. First thing in the morning, when you put pressure on the foot, the newly repaired fiber stretches and causes pain.

This is a common condition and can usually be treated with a conservative care regimen of icing, stretching, anti-inflammatory medication, and arch support. If not addressed, this can become a chronic condition that may require non-invasive Shockwave therapy or surgery.

EPAT® Pulse Activated Therapy

Have you tried conventional and conservative treatments without success?  We offer EPAT® pulse activated therapy in our state of the art Barrington office. This non-invasive treatment offers relief to patients of all ages more quickly than conventional treatments without downtime, pain, or medication.  This technology is based on several unique sets of acoustic pressure waves which help to restore the body’s normal healing processes and tissue regeneration.


We offer cutting edge injection therapies to end your heel pain suffering.  In addition to the common cortisone injection therapy, we offer the EpiFix Sport injection which can aid in healing the injured plantar fascia in 6 weeks time. If you think you have tried everything, this just might be the last injection you may ever need to finally end your heel pain and avoid surgery.


  • Sharp, stabbing pains in your heel in the morning

  • Heel pain when walking

This symptom list is not meant for self-diagnosis. See Dr. Baird at the first sign of your feet or ankle problems. Most common foot conditions will only worsen without proper care, and may become serious quickly when left untreated.

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