This Heel Pain Is Making Me Fat!

athletes_footIt’s spring! You can finally feel it in the air. At last you can start to shed the sweaters. And under the layers, there it is….. the extra Christmas cookies, the valentine chocolates, the green beer from St. Patty’s day. There it all is just sitting right above the place where your waist used to be. Today is the day I am starting my workout again.

Oh, but that heel pain! It is still there. Every morning with the first step of the day, the sharp, dagger-like pain that makes you say, “If I had only mastered walking on my hands I could get to the bathroom so much easier.” For today you limp to the bathroom.

What is this pain and why won’t it go away?
Plantar Fasciitis, is the medical term. What is it? A inflammation of the band of tissue that runs from the heel bone up through the arch and into the toes. At night it repairs itself and when you step down in the morning, it rips all those fibers and starts the process over again.

How do you get rid of it?
By adapting some lifestyle changes including, stretching, wearing shoes in the home, icing, and supporting the area. It feels like you would want to wrap the heel in a big puff of Charmin, but you really want to support that arch. This is best done with an orthotic or by strapping.

I can help rid you of heel pain so you can get out there and enjoy spring and say goodby to those unwanted winter pounds.