Ugly Nails

Ugly Nails

Let Your Nails See the Light of Day

We can help you feel better about your feet with attractive, clear, healthy nails. Whether you’re hiding discolored or cracked nails, you shouldn’t be stuck feeling embarrassed about your nails.


Keryflex is a new nail restoration product that attaches to your existing nail and recreates a normal nail shape and appearance. The product attaches to a few millimeters of your nail’s base and provides a water tight, flexible, and non-porous barrier to aid in the improvement of your nails own appearance as it grows out underneath. It is a painless in-office procedure with no anesthesia needed completed in one visit. Keryflex comes in different pigments to ensure it matches other nails. creates a flexible, non-porous nail that allows the remaining natural nails to grow. The product is durable and unaffected by acetone, nail polishes or detergents, so can be painted if desired.

This photo shows the appearance of the fungal nail before the application of the Keryflex product.

Before the Keryflex application

This photo shows the improved appearance of the nail after the application of the Keryflex product.

After the Keryflex application

Q-Clear Laser

Q-Clear Laser for the convenient and effective treatment of problem nails. This quick and painless in-office procedure kills the pathogens under nails that can cause unsightly yellow, ridged or thickened nails.

Nails before laser treatment

Nails after laser treatment


  • Yellow or discolored nails

  • Uneven, ridged, or thickened nails

This symptom list is not meant for self-diagnosis. See Dr. Baird at the first sign of your feet or ankle problems. Most common foot conditions will only worsen without proper care, and may become serious quickly when left untreated.

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